New research

Research highlights and new papers from the group


New paper by Liz Clark in Journal of Anatomy on modeling movement in brittlestars - click the button below to read more about it on co-author John Hutchinson’s blog!


New research by Rachel Racicot published in Journal of Anatomy on Belugas and Narwhals, using 3D digital scans made on the Vanderbilt E&ES CT facility.


New article in National Geographic magazine by David Quammen, discussing links between end-Ediacaran extinction and the Cambrian explosion


A new paper with Marc Laflamme and Pete Wagner in Nature Ecology and Evolution, exploring aspects of Ediacaran community complexity and drawing ecological links with the animal-dominated communities of the Paleozoic.


Brandt Gibson’s paper on Ediacaran ‘death mask’-style preservation covered by Scientific American!


New research with Tom Hegna in Geology, reporting the discovery of pyritized eggs and evidence for brood care in an Ordovician trilobite


A new paper with Emmy Smith, Marc Laflamme and Doug Erwin published in Trends in Ecology and Evolution, on Ediacaran extinction, and links to the Cambrian Explosion.

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New research from Brandt Gibson in Palaios, detailing some important new findings on Ediacaran fossil preservation. 


Ali Cribb talks about her senior thesis research on NPR! Ali's segment starts at 16:04



New paper out with Erin Saupe in Paleobiology on reconstructing range size dynamics in the fossil record.

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New paper by Liz Clark (Yale) in Biology Letters, detailing the discovery of a preserved water vascular system in an Ordovician ophiuroid.


New discoveries on the paleobiology of the enigmatic Ediacaran organism Parvancorina using computational fluid dynamics. With Imran Rahman, Rachel Racicot, Brandt Gibson, and Marc Laflamme.